Jyotipunja Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited is established in 2068 BS under the Co-operative act 2048. It is registered in Division Co-operative Office Kathmandu, Nepal.

As per three pillars economic policy of nation, co-operative is considered as an important pillar. In the base of that economic policy Jyotipunja is established as per the principle of co-operative with the aim to collect the scattered money from the community and use it for the socio-financial development and prosperity of members and community that will ultimately support for the prosperity of the nation.

The co-operative is established and operated under the management of professionals, bankers, business executives, industrialist and co-operative experts.

Jyotipunja is one of the leading co-operative institution with a focus to serve low and middle-income population belonging to all age-groups with the single-minded objective of meeting their diverse financial requirements.

Jyotipunja provides its services from three different locations. The co-operative has corporate office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu and service centers in Kumaripati and Gothatar.

The Co-operative guarantees continuous service, absolute security and profitable return for our valuable members and depositors.

Purpose of Cooperatives

  • Cooperatives are established by its members driven by the need to do business together and benefit from economies of scale
  • The members strive to optimize their economic, social and cultural needs.
  • In so doing, cooperatives strength the communities in which they operate.
  • Enabling environment for saving culture and investment.
  • Mobilizing savings and investments through provision of affordable loans. It has resulted to huge impact in financial deepening among members

Future Plan

  • Establishing and strengthening an enabling environment for the cooperative business model through necessary policies,legislative and regulatory frameworks.
  • Improving market access, marketing efficiency and value addition by cooperatives.
  • Promoting cooperatives in emerging investment areas such a senergy, health and ICT sectors.
  • Encouraging cooperatives to enter into mutual partnerships with other development agencies for additional resources.
  • Create internal mechanism within the movement to manage and mitigate cooperative conflicts when they arise through alternative dispute resolution mechanism.