Jyotipunja Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited is a member-based financial service holding institution, established in 2068 BS under the Co-operative act 2048.  The co-operative is established and operated under the management of professionals, bankers, business executives, industrialists, and co-operative experts.

Jyotipunja is one of the leading co-operative institutions with a focus to serve low and middle-income populations belonging to all age-groups with the single-minded objective of meeting their diverse financial requirements.

Jyotipunja is established with the aim to collect the scattered money from the community and use it for the socio-financial development and prosperity of members and the community. Our motto is “together for prosperity”.

Jyotipunja provides its services from three different locations. The co-operative has a corporate office in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, and service centers in Kumaripati and Gothatar.

The Co-operative guarantees continuous service, absolute security, and profitable return for our valuable members and depositors.

Our Values:

1) Certainty:

What we speak; we definitely do it

2) Member at Center:

Our members’ concern lies at the core of all our actions

3) Responsibility:

We work for our members’ satisfaction

4) Respect:

We respect the rules & policies of concern authorities

5) Efficiency:

We strive for continuous improvement in our performance, systems, and processes