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General Conditions Governing Account

  • The account opened with the Co-operative will be operated according to the Laws and Regulations of Nepal, Customs and Procedures common to Co-operative.
  • The Co-operative is entitled to hold transaction of the account without notice if the conduct of the accounts is in the opinion of the Co-operative unsatisfactory or other reasons whatsoever.
  • The funds is an account would be considered by the Co-operative to be security for all the obligations present or future of the account holder to the Co-operative and in the event of the dishonor of such obligations the Co-operative is entitled to utilize such funds against the obligations of the account holder to the Co-operative without notice to the account holder.
  • The account holder must maintain the prescribed minimun balance as set by the Co-operative from time to time and I/We agree for hte Co-operative to hold the aforesaid prescribed minimum balance.
  • In the case of Minor account when s/he becomes major s/he will be automatically authorized to operate such account.
  • Cheques should be signed as per the specimen signature(s) provided to the Co-operative and any alternation in the cheque must be authenticated by the drawer's signature.
  • Post-dated/state cheques and mutlated cheques shall not be honored. Cheque bearing a date six months before the date of presentation is considered as state cheque and future dated cheque is considered as post dated cheque.
  • Pass book and cheque issued by Co-operative are the property of account holder(s) and it is their responsibility to keep them in safe custody at all times. The account holder(s) should immediately notify the Co-operative and give a written request if such instrument is stolen or lost. The Co-operative will not be liable for any loss due to payment of lost or stolen instrument if the payment is made prior to receipt os such instruction or unless Co-operative has sufficient time available to act on the request.
  • The Co-operative shall take due care to ensure that credit and debit entires are correctly recorded in the accounts. In case of any error, the Co-operative shall be within its right to make the correct adjusting entires without notice and recover any amount due from the account holder(s).
  • Any change in the address or account operation should be immediately informwd to the Co-operative.
  • In the absence of a contract to the contrary which has been drought to the notice of the Co-operative by all operators of the joint account on the death of one or more of them, the balance in the account shall be payable equally to the survivor(s) and legal heir of the deceased.
  • Cheque book/Account Statement will be delivered to the third party only upon the submission of authorization letter and identity documents of the receiver.
  • Account holders can close account by giving one business day's written account closing request along with the submission of unused cheques and passbook provided by the Co-operative in relation to the account. Account closing charges will be levied as per the Co-operative's prevailing schedule of charge.
  • If conflicting instructions are issued by any of the signatories, the Co-operative may stop the operation of the account until the dispute is resolved to the satisfaction of the Co-operative.
  • The co-operative shall make eneavors to preserve the security of the account. nevertheless the Co-operative shall disclose any information as required by nay investigating of government authority provided the Co-operatives belives it is obliged to release such information.
    (खाताको गोप्यता कायम राख्न संस्थाले सक्दो प्रयास गर्नेछ | तथापी प्रचलित कानुन बमोजिम कुनै जाँछ अधिकारी वा सरकारी अधिकारिले मागेको अवस्थामा संस्थाले खाता सम्बन्धि आवश्यक सुचना सम्बन्धित निकायलाई उपलब्ध गराउन सक्नेछ |)
Anti Money Laundering: (मुद्रा निर्मलिकारण)
  • I/We hereby declare the accountis opened with money obtained from legal means. All transaction in the account shall remain legitimate and the account shall not be used for the purpose of the laundering. If the Co-operatives comes to know of suspects that the account is being used to process illegal proceeds I\We shall have no objection if the Co-operative block the account and report the fact to the concerned authorities.
    मैले/हामीले खातामा राखेको रकम कानुन सम्मत कारोबारबाट प्राप्त भएको हो | खातामा कानुन सम्मत कारोबार मात्र गर्ने छु/छाै | मुद्रा निर्मलिकारणको प्रायोजनको लागि खाता प्रयोग गर्ने छैन/छैननाै | गैहकनुनी कारोबारमा खाता प्रयोग गरिएको छ भन्ने संस्थाको जानकारिमा आएमा वा संस्थालाई त्यस्तो लागेमा खाता रोक्का गरी त्यसको सुचना सम्बन्धित निकायमा दिएमा मेरो/हाम्रो मञ्जुरी छ |
  • I/We have read the above GENERAL CONDITIONS GOVERNING ACCOUNT and hereby agree to be abiding by and be bound by them, be it in line with prevailing rules and regulations.
    मैले हामीले माथिका खाता सञ्चालन सम्बन्धि सम्पूर्ण नियमहरु अध्यायन गरे गर्याै र उक्त नियमहरुका साथै प्रचलित नियम कानुन मुताबिक पालना गर्न मञ्जुर गर्दछु गर्दछाै |
  • I/We hereby declare that the information furnished above are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and I/We take the responsibility in the case of any false information.
    माथि उल्लेखित जानकारिहरु सबै सत्य हो झुथो ठहर भएमा म हामी स्वयम जिम्मेबार हुनेछु छाै |
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